Micah Brown (age 8) Child’s Sermon

Today we are learning about the Good Samaritan. So Jesus and a lawyer were talking about neighbors. The lawyer asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Then Jesus answered with a story about a guy getting robbed. Several religious guys walked right past the guy. But later in the story Jesus tells us a Samaritan rescues the guy. People didn’t like the Samaritans, but the Samaritan is the neighbor and you should love everyone as your neighbor.
Last week my brother Nathan showed me a video of Mr. Roger’s. I heard his song “Won’t you be my neighbor” He reminds me of Jesus. He wants to play with everyone; he wants to care for everyone. He wants to be and he wants us to be a neighbor like the good samaritan. I have an example of being a good neighbor. At my childcare I read a book to two littler kids. Have any of you experienced being a good neighbor? think we should be good neighbors.  Amen.


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