Bigger on the Inside

“It’s bigger on the inside.”   
That’s the TARDIS for you. If you don’t know, and there’s no shame in that: TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. On the outside it looks like a blue police box from England, but it is a time machine and a spacecraft. So, it’s science fiction. It’s from the British tv series, Dr. Who. Every time a character first steps into the TARDIS for the first time, and see the cavernous space that is almost ever expanding– their first exclamation is, “It’s bigger on the inside.”
And I would hope that when we are talking about faith, when we are talking about church, when we are talking about being a Christian–I would hope that the same could be said about us, about our faith, about who we are and what we do that, “it’s bigger on the inside.”
But, I’m afraid too often that’s just not the case. We followers of Jesus are accused of being small–insignificant, petty, and hard hearted and small minded. Especially after what happened this weekend in Paris. Undoubtably, some who call themselves Christians have tweeted, posted, and said some really despicable things. Earlier this week, some Christians have even gotten upset about this–a red coffee cup.  
Anybody want to share, in case someone doesn’t know, just what is the big deal about this cup?
So, of all the problems in this world, at the root of all evil and all that’s wrong in the world is that this cup does not say Merry Christmas.
If that’s what the world sees from people of faith–we deserve the ridicule. If that’s how the world sees the church–it deserves to shrivel up and disappear.
People, I don’t think that’s why we are here. I don’t think that’s what Christmas is all about. I know that’s not what we are about.
We are bigger than this. Our faith is not in paper cup, or what’s written on it. Our faith is in God. As the psalmist says God is our cup. A cup is not our God. And we trust in a God who’s heart embraces all of creation, we trust in a God who claims each person on this planet as her child, a God who despairs over Paris, Beirut, Syria, and too many other places–we trust in a God who offers mercy and forgiveness, and who moves in this world for justice and peace. That is a big big God, and if that is the God we put our trust in then our hearts and minds get to be bigger on the inside. The church, our church isn’t known just for the color, size, and shape of the stones of our temple, the walls of our building, but we get to be so much bigger on the inside.
As an expression of our faith, this morning we will receive the gift of communion, from this simple starbucks cup because we know that it’s bigger on the inside. That the cup itself is not important, but the love and forgiveness that will hold as we gather together for the sacrament of Holy Communion. May we O Lord, be like this starbucks cup, may we be transformed from something thrown away, perhaps even despised by some, may we, may our lives be used to show and share your love with all those around us. May we our hearts and minds, filled with your life become bigger on the inside.


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