I talked to God . . .

Peanut butter pancakes with bananas, raisins, and green beans

The book of Hebrews begins, “Long ago God spoke to our ancestors in many and various ways. . .”. I guess now God is talking to our children. You see, I was admonishing my almost 5yr old to eat his vegetables. When he comes out with, “I talked to God and she said I didn’t need to eat my vegetables.” To make sure I heard him correctly, I asked him to repeat it. “I talked to God and he said I didn’t need to eat my vegetables.”    I guess complaining and whining about not liking veggies hasn’t succeeded in stopping me from making him eat his greens and oranges. So, he decided to turn to a higher authority.
While I’m pretty sure that the Lord God Almighty hasn’t really visited with my son with a new dietary commandment, I didn’t want to stop him from talking to God. And, it’s not like the Bible isn’t full of menu restrictions already. So, instead I took the good Lutheran stance of interpreting this prophetic utterance through the lens of the Gospel. I assured my little one that God loves us, and God wants us to be healthy. Therefore, God does want us to eat our veggies.
Amen. End of conversation.


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