Good Use of Time

I sat there for just over 2 hours. Just sitting there as judgements were made, lives were changed, justice was attempted, and I just sat. At one point, I thought about all the tasks I could be getting done in these two hours. I could be preparing a sermon, a Bible Study, confirmation class, practicing my guitar, writing countless emails, a letter or two, making some phone calls and other appointments. Not to mention doing some much needed cleaning of my office. Oh I have plenty to do. But I sat there, hardly speaking, waiting.
I was sitting with a woman going through our criminal justice system. I was sitting with a woman who doesn’t speak English. I was sitting there not knowing enough of her language. I was sitting with her.
Of all the things I could have been doing, I chose to follow Jesus by sitting with her. It is my hope in the midst of a system that she doesn’t understand, circumstances way out of her control, in a time of dire uncertainty for those two hours she didn’t feel abandoned and alone. It is my prayer that it was truly a good use of not just my time, but God’s time.


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