Redefining Reality–Really

“There is no such thing as naughty!” declared my 4yr old son.

I learned somewhere that humanity can be described as “homo ludens”.  Which means “human at play”.  We play, we create worlds, realms, alternative realities.  I love to listen to him setting up green army guys, Lego figures, pirates, and all sorts of toys to do battle with evil zombies and other bad guys.  As a four year old, his imagination seems boundless.  And this is good; as his mother I want to encourage his creativity and spirit.

That is until his world clashes with mine.  There certainly is such a thing as naughty.  No matter how much he insists there isn’t, sometimes I can see it right before my very eyes.   Often I’m not anywhere near my child.  There is the everyday naughty that we all (even myself) am guilty of.  I admit it; I confess it; I am aware.  However, there is too much and too many others who through pure wickedness or just plain ignorance are playing with reality.  We ignore science.  We as a nation are forgetting and worse yet re-writing our history.  And we can’t just continue to let the media, pundits, and think-tanks re-create our world.  We are then just pawns in a dangerous game.  It is no wonder that again and again the Lord commands the People of God to teach, to recite, to tell again and again to our children and our children’s children the stories of God.  Ultimately, reality is not ours to create; that is God’s job.


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