Running in Circles – It’s not all Bad

The other day I was at the playground with my 4yr old boy.  We were not alone.  There were several other kids there, and pretty soon they decided to play hide-n-seek.  Well unlike many homes or church buildings, a playground is not really designed to be chock full of hiding places.  But that didn’t matter.  These 3 little kids played anyway.

My son was the youngest, and soon it was his turn to hide.  The count-down started, and he took off running, then he stopped and turned around and ran in another direction, turned around again, and again,Image and again.  He couldn’t figure out where to hide.  But that didn’t stop him.  After a few revolutions he dove behind a pole.  Which for some reason just couldn’t hide his big silly grin.  This same process went for several turns. For some reason, I’m not sure it was his amazing hiding skills.  He was always the last to be found.

So often in our culture, when we say someone is running in circles, it’s understood to be a bad thing.  We are so driven to reach a goal, have an end project–so result oriented, that we miss the point of just doing or being.  Within our prayers, within our church we need to remember that running in circles is sometimes what we need to be doing.  We need to be spending time in prayer of centering; we need to be spending time sitting together around tables, and in living rooms.  We need to be able to just smile because we are playing as God’s children.


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