A meditation on Jesus’ Last Words

Words, really what are they?  Letters, sounds, syllables strung together.  Built together organized to make sense of what is so often a senseless world.  Ultimately they themselves are meaningless marks on a page if they go un-read.  Now of course we have words floating around on blogs, posts, updates, and tweets –digitized.  Poet Maya Angelou puts it this way, “words mean more than what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”

That is just as true for these words –Jesus’ last words.  These last words have been pulled together from the four different gospel stories.  Jesus’ words if they go unread, unheard, un listened to, if they don’t get meditated upon, prayed through, are empty too.

We are called to do more than just keep them at arm’s length, as words said a long time ago by our tortured savior.

Allow them to travel deep within us, allow them to connect you to the power of forgiveness, to the love that goes beyond blood, genetics, and laws, to the promise of justice in God’s paradise, to the physical pain of dying and death, the loss of abandonment, the emptying  life for God, and the finality of completeness. 

Allow these words to weigh on you, to be with you, to pull you to God’s Word of new life of an Easter empty tomb.


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