Running on Empty – a meditation on Easter

The other day as I was driving I glanced down and saw that I was almost at “E”. Of course, “E” stands for empty as in empty gas tank. Usually this would be only a slight annoyance, but these days with prices well over $4.00 it’s a different matter. “E” is for “empty”, and I don’t want to be running around on empty. Think of empty wallets, empty refrigerators and pantries, empty playgrounds and pews, empty homes, empty arms and empty hearts. Emptiness brings disappointment.

I’m sure that was at least one of the emotions felt by the women and the disciples on that first Easter morning. Their hearts were empty as they walked to the tomb that early morning. Their beloved Lord had been taken from them—their hopes and dreams now rang hollow. But at the EMPTY tomb it all changed. The emptiness wasn’t within them, but in front of them. This emptiness didn’t sap their strength, but propelled them to move, to go, to tell. God had taken the reality of death and turned it inside out.

Evil and the powers of death seek to fill our lives with diversions, excuses and fears. Filling us with empty calories, empty promises. God takes us in a whole new direction. The empty tomb tells us that there is life and opportunity beyond what the world has to offer. The empty tomb still urges us to get up, gather for worship and praise of God. The empty tomb still sends us out on our way energized with hope in God’s future. The empty tomb still prods us to call, invite, welcome and share the Good News that Jesus lives!


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