Speak with Authority

Everyone’s got an opinion today. OK, opinions have been around since the beginning. However with the proliferation of posts on Facebook,  blogs, media,  opinions just seem to be everywhere.  Experts,  newscasters, talk show hosts, paid commentators, the guy/gal sitting in front of the computer,  everyone feels like they have to get in their 2cents. It seems like everyone is talking, and no one is really listening.

Perhaps that is the main difference between true and false prophets. True prophets approach this task with humility, openness to God and to the people around them. True prophets are not eager to be heard. Often her words are difficult, not because they are are simply harsh, but because God’s Word is in the business of healing. True prophets know that they are part of the problem, that the call to renewal is directed to themselves just as much as it is to others.  Demons are real and  the systems we all are a part of  are broken.  Yet the ultimate goal is not destruction but reconstruction (resurrection).  Listening deeply to God’s Word of love and mercy and listening to one another allows us to speak with authority and authenticity.  To hear is to be heard.


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