We are marching in the light of God. We are marching in the light of God. 2x

We are marching, marching, we are marching, marching,

 we are marching in the light of God.



          As you began reading the words above, hopefully you recognized them as the English translation of the South African hymn Siyahamba.  In the hymnal, at the end of the song you would find printed other suggested stanzas such as “We are dancing . . .”, “We are praying . . .”, “We are singing . . .”  As a mother of a toddler who loves to sing, I discovered one snowy day this winter that there are other possibilities.  For example “We are playing . . . “, “We are eating . . .”, and “We are shoveling [snow] . . .”   I’m not so sure Micah was completely aware of the great spiritual truth he revealed to me that day.  Just as I am not sure we are always aware of how God is being revealed today.

          In January we celebrate Epiphany.  That word “epiphany” means a public showing.  We begin Epiphany on January 6th as the Christ child is shown to the magi.  We end these weeks of Epiphany with Jesus being revealed to his disciples, to us as God’s Son the Beloved.  Both of these Sundays include God’s light—that of a star leading the magi and the light of God shining on the mountaintop.

          Siyahamba and my little Micah call us to see all that we do, as done in the light of God.  How am I living in God’s light?  How can I, in what I do every day, day in and day out reveal the love of Christ to my friends, my family, my neighbors, my classmates, my co-workers, the stranger at the store?

          Together we can create countless stanzas and sing together, “We are ________ in the light of God, we are _____________ in the light of God . . .  Let us make this a song that we sing not only in worship on Sunday mornings but the song sung through our lives each day.


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