Advent 2

Let there be an abundance of peace till the moon shall be no more. Psalm 72.7

First thing in the morning, as I go about my mundane duties of letting out the dog, I look up at the still dark sky and there they are. It may be a star, but I think it’s a planet. Most mornings I see it up in the sky, and then I look to see the moon. These celestial beings seem so distant, always changing yet constant so far away from cold, from the morning rush, and the duties. I look up for a glimpse of peace before I plead for the dog to come in, make breakfasts, lunches, and perhaps even a load of laundry before we’re out the door to school to school.

It is no wonder these few words jumped out at me as I study the texts for Sunday. An abundance of peace till the moon shall be no more. The pairing of a plea for peace in our ever conflicted world and the distant moon is striking. Just as the moon isn’t a source of light sufficient for the day, we can not look to ourselves or others as our source of peace. It is the One, the one who made the night, made the stars and the moon, who made this earth, the cold, the animals and the children. The One is the source for our peace, the peace that can begin in our hearts and work it’s way into our lives and around this world–the world in need of peace.


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